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FAQ - Insurance Management Software

Q:    Do I need to enter a credit card to test CaptaIMS - Insurance Management Software?
A:    No. For the free trial, no credit card is necessary.

Q:    What personal information do you need from me to get started?
A:    Only an email address to use as your username.  If ready,  Let's Get Started!

Q:    How long have you been in business?
A:    Captasoft, and our parent Interactive Ideas, have been in business and offering web-based software for more than 15 years.

Q:    How safe is my data?
A:    We take security seriously and have multiple layers of security, including SSL, data encryption, user-level permissions, and more. In addition, only the paid owner can make modifications to your CaptaIMS account.

Q:    Will my data be shared with anyone?
A:    No, the data you enter belongs to you, and we will never sell, share or access your client data. For more information, you can read our privacy policy.

Q:    Can I access my data offline?
A:    No, CaptaIMS is a cloud-based application that requires you to be online. However, data export features will allow you to back up your data to a CSV file.

Q:    Is there a cancellation fee?
A:    No, CaptaIMS is not like the other guys, and we do not charge a cancellation fee.

Q:    How do I cancel my subscription?
A:    An admin user can go to the Organization Info section and click the Cancel My Subscription button.

Q:   Is there a limit to the number of records I can create?
A:    No. You can create an unlimited number of customer records.

Q:   Is there a limit to what I can do during my trial period?
A:   All features are available during the trial except for e-sign and inbound texting.

Q:   How does billing work?
A:   We are a monthly subscription service.   However, premium features such as e-sign, phone calls, and texting are separately billed. You pay only for what you use.

Q:   Is there an additional expense for phone and text service?
A:   Yes. There is an extra cost to use the phone and texting service. The current cost for the phone system is $0.22 per minute, and the cost per text is $0.01.

Q:   Is phone & text service accessible during the trial period?
A:   Enable Outbound dialing during the free trial with 30 minutes of free talk time provided.

Q:   Is there an additional expense for the e-signature service?
A:   Yes, the e-signature is ala carte priced at $0.50 per signature. You only pay for what you use.

Q:   Is e-signature accessible during the trial period?
A:   No, the e-signature service is not available during the trial.

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Q:   Can I add additional team members during my trial period?
A:   Yes, you may create additional user accounts during your trial.

Q:   Is there a limit to the amount of data I can enter during the trial?
A:   We offer unlimited records and file storage.

Q:   Will you help me import my data?
A:   Yes, our support personnel will help you import your CSV text data free of charge. If you need related files & documents imported, then fees may apply. Please contact customer support for pricing and more details.

Q:   Is there a fee to export my data?
A:   We offer free data export tools that will allow you to export your customer data to a CSV file.   There is no charge for this. If you need the related files & documents included with your export, fees may apply. Please contact customer support for pricing and more details.

Q:   How do I go from trial user to paid subscriber user?
A:   In your Account Profile, you will see a billing section. There you will be able to enter a credit card, which will unlock services such as e-signature and texting.

Q:   Are you going to charge me if I call support?
A:   All our support plans are free.

Q:   Do you outsource your support overseas?
A:   Our staff is entirely based in the United States.

Q:   Can I access the application on my phone or tablet?
A:   Yes, our applications will adjust to fit your phone or tablet.

Q:   How many computers can I use with a subscription?
A:   You may use an unlimited number of computers, but simultaneous logins are not allowed.

Q:   Can the software be branded?
A:   Yes, we offer a branding package where you can brand the customer portal and your dashboard with your company’s logos and colors.

Q:   Can I make suggestions to improve the product?
A:   Yes. We encourage our customers to give us feedback and enhancement suggestions to our Agency Management Software, and we have a feedback button inside the application just for this.


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