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Our Personal Insurance management solution is specifically designed for insurance brokerages and agencies of any size. No special customization or extra costs are involved.  

Manage your client's Home, Auto, and Umbrella policies, employees, and your entire brokerage. Furthermore, CaptaIMS is easy to use and affordable. Add the Personal Insurance vertical and other modules like Commercial Insurance and Specialty Insurance modules to build your suite of CaptaIMS solutions. Create a CaptaIMS account today and boost your brokerage's productivity.

CaptaIMS, with its specifically designed industry data collection, built-in e-signature, phone system, and more, allows insurance professionals the versatility in using our system for insurance managementprospectingdocument compliance, as well as a CRM.

What's more, CaptaIMS is great for Auto, Home, and Umbrella Policy Insurance Agents, Insurance Brokerages and Agencies, Data Processors, etc...

The C.A.S.E. for choosing captaIMS - Personal Insurance

Convenient: You can access CaptaIMS from any browser or mobile device as a cloud-based insurance broker software. Add and delete users on the fly with our admin tools. In addition, take advantage of our built-in functionality. Send, receive and organize emails as well as e-signatures directly to and from your policy records. Finally, be assured that CaptaIMS can grow as your business grows.

Affordable: CaptaIMS is aggressively priced to allow even single-user subscriptions with unlimited access. Easily add users and data on the fly with no binding contracts, in short, simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

Simple: No software to install or maintain... sign up, set up, and go! The easy-to-navigate console gives you quick status of your clients, policies, or prospects at a glance, with links to drill down to the details you need. Moreover, track and maintain your entire pipeline without messy whiteboards, spreadsheets, or confusing email trails.

Effective: View your clients as well as your prospect's pipeline anytime. Track the entire pipeline from when a lead is generated until a policy is sold. Not to mention you can, easily prioritize leads and monitor activity. Finally, With color-coded aging indicators and configurable alerts, you can quickly act on policy renewals that have reached critical dates.

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Screen Shots.

Insurance Broker Software

CaptaIMS Desktop

Insurance Broker Software

CaptaIMS built-in e-Signature

Insurance Broker Software

CaptaIMS w/ Phone enabled

Insurance Broker Software

CaptaIMS White Labeled

Organizing your Insurance Brokerage towards success.


Unlimited Records

Unlimited lead and loan records means you can import your entire book of business without any extra fees.

My Prospects

Use the CRM portion of our app to work your leads and prospects. When a prospect converts to a customer, easily move their data to start a loan record.


Add specifically designed business verticals to complete your CaptaIMS Suite of features.

Share Documents

Attach and share files easily between staff. Use the customer portal to share documents with your clients.

Integrated Phone System

Outbound and inbound calling from within the application.  Purchase your own toll-free number and receive inbound calls and SMS texts. Pay only for the minutes you use.  Contact us for more information.

Built-In eSignature

Built-in eSignature module. Send documents to your client for signature for only $1.50 per document.

Permission Groups

Use permission groups to allow users to access, view, or edit data. Administrators can view all the records, and staff can only view records assigned to them.

Policy Renewal Reminders.

Set and receive Policy Renewal Reminders.

Tasks and Calendars

Schedule Reminders, Due Dates, and Meetings. Share your calendar with your team to collaborate and be on the same page.

Customer Portal

Clients can access a secure portal to upload and download documents. Great for Private Money Lenders.

Import / Export

Easily import and export your data. No Fees for basic CSV imports or exports. Take your data with you if you leave.

Address Book

Collect and share contact information and record history with your team.


We are PCI compliant.  Your data is encrypted and backed up daily. Use permission groups to control who has access to which records. Enterprise clients have access to IP filtering.

Access Your Data Anywhere

A secure cloud-based application allows you to access your data anywhere safely and securely using your computer or mobile device.

Simple to Use

Designed to be simple to use. See how quickly our Loan Pipeline Software can be set up for you.

And More

Get Free* future feature upgrades to your account automatically.

Enterprise Features.

Contact for pricing  - (833) 932-2782

Customized Branding

Customize CaptaIMS with your business logo and colors. Boost your business visibility and customer experience through branded emails and client portal.

Email (D.R.E)

Direct Record Emailing.  Send and receive emails directly to the customer record.  Capture and organize your email conversations with your clients.


Restrict access with custom security settings through I.P. Address filtering.


Integrate with CaptaIMS Insurance Broker Software to accomplish tasks such as capturing leads from your website to your account.

Volume Pricing

Call us for volume subscription pricing.

Onboarding & Training

Our U.S. based staff can assist you and your team in setting up your CaptaIMS account.

Contact us for Enterprise Features and Pricing.

(833) 932-2782

Use Cases.

Here are a few use-case scenarios that CaptaIMS can accomplish.

Slide Scenario: End-to-End Client Processing

Solution: An insurance brokerage uses CaptaIMS insurance management software to streamline its process for handling prospects. The software allows the brokerage to efficiently review and assign leads to , ensuring that each prospect receives the attention they need on time.

1. A prospect fills out a form on the brokerage's website, providing information about their insurance needs and contact information.

2. CaptaIMS automatically captures this data and creates a new prospect record.

3. The manager reviews the prospect record and assigns it to an agent based on their expertise and availability.

4. The agent receives a notification of the assignment and begins working with the prospect to gather additional information and assess their policy needs.

5. The agent uses CaptIMS software to track their progress and update the manager on the prospect's status.

6. If the prospect decides to move forward with the brokerage, the agent uses the software to help generate the necessary documents and complete the policy request process.

7. The manager continues to monitor the progress of the policy request through CaptaIMS, ensuring that all necessary steps are completed in time.
Slide Scenario: Need to have a Call Center type Solution.

Solution: A commercial insurance brokerage uses the CaptaIMS CRM portion of its policy management software to contact a list of customers using the built-in phone system for improved communication and data collection.

1. An administrator of the CaptaIMS account enables the built-in phone system.

2. Agents navigate to your CaptIMS dashboard or vertical workspace to generate a list of client records.

3. The agent then clicks on a client's phone number launching the built-in dialer and phone system.

4. As the agent converses with the client. Then can simultaneously collect data such as notes and set task reminders for that client.

5. When the conversation is complete, the user can move to the next client in the list and re-start the entire process.

6. This process can continue until the user completes the list of clients they need to contact.

7. The manager continues to monitor the progress of the policy request through CaptaIMS, ensuring that all necessary steps are completed on time.
Slide Scenario: Need to get the client's e-Signature

Solution: A specialty insurance broker uses CaptaIMS, policy management solution, and needs a signature from a client.

1. A broker searches for a client and navigates to their record.

2. The broker creates a new e-signature job and provides the necessary data, including pdf(s) and recipients needed for signature.

3. The broker makes adjustments to the pdf, such as adding a signature field, signature date field, and any other required fields needed for the e-signature job.

4. The broker sends the e-signature job to the client through CaptaIMS.

5. Client completes the signature, and all parties involved are notified that the job is complete.

6. The broker navigates back to the client's record, where they can view, download, and archive signature documents for later use.

Try our Insurance Broker Software for better production and efficiency.


  • Database Encryption - Your private information, as well as all of your client data, is encrypted to ensure privacy and protection.
  • Privacy - All of your personal information (including your e-mail address) is private and will never be sold or shared to any external parties. In addition, your client data is 100% yours. No one else can see it or use it, including CaptaIMS Staff. And if you leave, you take your data with you.
  • User Permissions - Permission groups are available within the CaptaIMS Insurance Broker Software to allow or deny users access to your client data. If you wish to prevent certain employees from viewing or editing your client data, you may do so using Permission Groups.
  • Export Utility - If you wish to maintain a private backup of your data, an Export utility is available, allowing you to extract all of your lead, policy, address book, client data and contact information. This can also be useful for importing into another CRM software application.

Starting at $30 /User /Month

  • 30- Day Free Trial
  • Add Your Entire Team
  • No Credit Card Required
  • No Basic Import or Export Fees
  • Cancel Anytime
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