purchasing leads for your insurance brokerage
Purchasing leads for your insurance brokerage

For small to medium-sized insurance brokerages and agencies, purchasing leads from a lead provider like Data Axle Genie or Leadsplease can greatly increase leads and business. But, as with any business decision, there are both pros and cons to consider before deciding whether it's the right choice.


First, purchasing leads can be a great way to save time and money.  Instead of relying on traditional marketing techniques to generate leads, such as cold-calling, brokerages can quickly and easily purchase a list of leads from a lead provider. Plus, it can be significantly less expensive than other marketing methods.

Second, using a lead provider can be highly effective for target marketing. Lead providers can help brokers customize the type of leads they purchase so that they can focus on a specific demographic or geographic area.

Third, lead providers often have access to more up-to-date and accurate contact information. This eliminates the need to build and maintain a database of contacts.


However, purchasing leads can also have some drawbacks, such as cost. While it can be cheaper than other marketing methods, it can still be expensive, especially if the leads aren't targeted correctly.

Another con is the fact that purchasing leads can be a hit-or-miss proposition. There's no guarantee that the leads purchased will be interested in the products or services offered. Plus, purchasing leads can be time-consuming as it takes time to sort through them and determine which are qualified and which are not.

Finally, brokers and agencies may also find that the leads they purchase are outdated or inaccurate. This may cause them to waste time and money.


Overall, purchasing leads from a lead provider can greatly increase business for small to medium-sized insurance brokerages and agencies.  Especially if you import and manage those leads into an insurance software solution like CaptaIMS. However, it's important to understand the pros and cons before deciding. By weighing the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing leads, brokers and agencies can decide if it's the right choice for their business.